Elon Musk – the coolest entrepreneur of our time?

He may not be the richest man on earth, nor the wealthiest entrepreneur ever, but this man is definitely one of the most interesting, aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs of all time.

For those of you who don’t know him, Elon Musk is the early founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and Space X. Yes this man has changed the way we use the internet. This man is changing the future of the car industry as we speak with his electric cars (be sure to check out the Tesla Model S) and his ambition is to make interplanetary life possible…within our lifetime! That’s why he founded Space X and is developing revolutionary rockets and space ships that could takes us to mars in the next 20 years or so.

This man has been the main inspiration source for the Iron Man movie star Tony Stark, and continuous surprise the world with ambitious and maybe even ‘crazy’ ideas. But looking back at his achievements one can only say that even the most craziest of ideas isn’t crazy enough for Elon Musk.


And here’s some simple advice by the man himself:


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