Funding the Focused Start-Up

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 4.24.16 PMIn the modern market, consumers highly value goods and services that solve a problem or change the way they see the world. Consumers are looking for innovative ways to save time and express their creativity. For a start-up to be successful in today’s market it must change the paradigm of thought or action; it must create a market revolution!

If you have an idea or solution, now is always a good time to start a new business venture. If you want to make money, you have to produce, and sitting around talking about “someday” will not put money in your pocket. If funding is a problem, consider these start-ups and how they used crowd funding and venture capitalism to implement their ideas.

Globalgiving connects donors with grassroots projects in underdeveloped countries. Globalgiving utilizes crowd-sourcing to make the funding decision before taking on a new project, and is itself funded by requesting a 15% donation from donors. It utilizes social networking and global marketing to solve real world problems in creative and innovative ways.

Better Place sold battery and charging services for electric cars. They charged customers a monthly fee for their services which included daily battery charging and battery swaps when needed. Through venture capitalism, Better Place gained funds from various automobile and energy companies.

Withlocals is an online marketplace that enables locals to offer travellers unique experiences such as guided tours or participation in local activities. The site empowers locals to earn extra money by offering their services and allows travellers to experience the unique culture of their chosen destination. Withlocals obtained $500,000 in funding from Greenhouse Group to subsidize their project.

Go for it!

With a good idea, proper planning, market research, and funding, any budding entrepreneur can advantageously position themselves to reap the benefits of starting their own business. So if you have a great idea and you have always wanted to start a business, check out crowd funding, and give your business a try.

How Startup Funding Works


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