Tips in leadership

The video’s below are fragments of the Dutch make e-book ‘Snowball Leadership’, which is an initiative of inspired professionals who try to help inspire others in leadership and entrepreneurship. In the E-book leaders share experiences and give advice and tell about their way of leadership. Some of the speakers, Marion Koopman and Heleen Aarts, speak out their tips & tricks.

Tips from Marion Koopman

The first tip from Marion Koopman is about being yourself, and staying yourself. This is not something you haven’t heard before but what makes this tip special is that she follow’s up with this sentence: “You can always change yourself for the better as long as you can still be yourself.”

The second tip is about never looking back. Go on from where you are right now and keep looking forward.

Tips from Heleen Aarts

Heleen starts off with a great tip. She says not to always be yourself, but to always show more of yourself and to trust yourself no matter what. When you dare to show more of yourself you will dare to trust your intuition. This is something that comes with time and experience but it always starts with yourself.

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