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Hi there and welcome to our website. We are a bunch of guys from the UK who are fond of modern entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in general. On this website we want to share information, knowledge and inspiration we find throughout everyday life within the context of entrepreneurship.

Starting your own business can be hard and sometimes even seem impossible. We bring some helpful tips, tricks, information and inspiration to show you – the beginner entrepreneur - that it is indeed possible to startup under £5,000, and that it is indeed possible to succeed in a market were the competition is killing.

This website was formerly known as a spoof towards startupbritain, a site with many critics about ehir way of working and even doubts about their legitimacy. Even though this site is still about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the UK, we do not intend to make fun of anybody or to ridicule any other organizations out there.

  • Anatomy of the female entrepreneur

    Anatomy of the female entrepreneur

    Believe it or not, but somewhere in between all those Jobs’, Zuckerburg’s and Branson’s are a lot of women who can stand their ground with the big guys. Because of the media and their somewhat narrow minded attention spectrum it is easy to forget about women entrepreneurs. In this day and age the single-income male head of household is disappearing […]

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